Farmers tend the Reef in paradise…

A group of thirty-four farmers on an island in the eastern Caribbean are now committed guardians of Grenada's coral reefs.  The forward-thinking farmers took an oath to protect and conserve these valuable ecosystems at the official launch ceremony in September for Grenada's new Reef Guardian Farmers stewardship program.

The Hon. Roland Bhola, Minister of Agriculture, Lands Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment presenting a Reef Guardian Farmer with his farm sign.

Following a knowledge exchange visit to Australia in July 2013, the Grenada Fisheries Division set about raising awareness of the connections between land and sea and the need to recognize and enhance farm practices to improve the health of Grenada’s coral reefs… and the Grenada Reef Guardians program was born. 

Modeled on the success of the Great Barrier Reef’s flagship Reef Guardian Program, staff from Grenada’s Marine Protected Areas program have been working with community groups to design a program that would focus on stewardship as a way to help protect reefs. The program conce