Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES)

The mission of the Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES), established in 1985 at the Cave Hill Campus of The University of the West Indies, is to make a significant contribution to sustainable development in the Caribbean region by:

  • Providing graduate students with advanced training in policies, mechanisms and techniques for sustainable use and management of natural resources;
  • Conducting research that is relevant to natural resource and environmental management;
  • Providing guidance, consultancy and professional services to regional governments, NGOs and the private sector on environmental matters;
  • Taking the lead in hosting and coordinating regional environmental initiatives and projects;
  • Heightening public awareness on matters of environmental importance through outreach activities;
  • Building capacity of private-sector and government decision-makers through short courses and training workshops;

CERMES graduate degree course specialisations and applied research by faculty and students focus mainly on coastal and marine resource management, climate change and water resources. The diverse partners in these areas of learning and investigation range from international through to regional and local level governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Collaboration with regional partners is especially critical for contributing to the university’s multi-faceted role in enabling sustainable development. Such collaboration and an emphasis on practical, demand-driven research is seen in initiatives involving CERMES that concern:

  • Multi-level marine resource governance
  • Management of marine protected areas
  • Livelihoods and social-ecological resilience
  • Impacts and adaptation to climate change
  • Resource valuation and ecological economics
  • Coastal and marine disaster risk management
  • Stakeholder capacity building

And much, much more…

Reflected prominently in the teaching, research, consultancy and outreach conducted by and with CERMES is clear recognition of the underpinning value of marine social-ecological systems to people in the Caribbean from environment, social and economic perspectives.  

To find out more, visit http://cermes.cavehill.uwi.edu/ 

Key Collaborators


Hazel Oxenford is the Professor of Marine Ecology and Fisheries and member of the small, but dynamic staff of the Centre for Resource Management and Environmental studies (CERMES) at the University of the West Indies, on the Barbados Cave Hill Campus.  She has extensive Caribbean research, consulting and teaching experience, having been at UWI since 1980. Her research interests are in applied fisheries biology and management, and cover a broad range of topics including aspects of coral reef ecology, genetic population structuring and biological assessment of oceanic pelagic and coral reef species in the Caribbean, and their implications for management.

Of special interest are small scale fisheries, small island developing states and the ecological and economic impacts of different fishery management options including the use of marine protected areas.  Hazel serves on several national and Caribbean regional advisory boards and working groups in marine biodiversity, recreational fisheries, pelagic fisheries management and coral reef monitoring.