Collaborative projects

Adapting to climate change is an inherently practical endeavour: at its heart it requires individuals and organisations to change behaviours and take action.

The Australia-Caribbean Coral Reef Collaboration, with its focus on building capacity to manage reefs in a changing climate, aims to develop and test practical actions coral reef managers and policymakers can use for real-world outcomes. We can increase the capacity and motivation for future adaptation by sharing knowledge and engaging with people in the Caribbean. 

Regional partners have collaborated to develop and design a suite of five projects which will be performed in key locations in the Caribbean, joining with existing activities to deliver new tools and resources and capture lessons for sharing throughout other CARICOM nations. Outcomes will align with the Regional Plan of Action and position the Caribbean as a key player in global efforts to adapt coral reef management to climate change. The projects will support the efforts of coral reef managers by:

  • increasing knowledge
  • building tools
  • demonstrating approaches
  • building capacity in priority areas
  • sharing experiences and expertise among Caribbean, Australian and international experts.

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Marine Biodiversity Offsets

Marine biodiversity offsets

Exploring approaches to reduce local pressures on coral reefs for no net loss of biodiversity in a changing climate.

This project will use Belize as a case study and draw on recent international developments to examine how offsets can protect biodiversity and provide alternative livelihoods in a changing climate. A world-first marine biodiversity offsets framework will outline ways governments, corporations and stakeholders can work together to achieve sustainable coastal development while reducing the vulnerability of coral reef ecosystems and coastal communities to climate change.  

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Integrated Coastal Management

Integrated coastal management:

Developing an integrated coastal management planning approach to support climate resilient decision making in St Lucia.

The climate-ready ICZM project will develop a framework and process for incorporating climate change and resource dependency (human-ecosystem linkages) into planning across the land-sea interface. Principal outcomes will include improved dialogue among stakeholders and decision-makers, better understanding of climate change impacts to coastal and marine ecosystems and a shared vision for achieving development that is sustainable and resilient to climate change.

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Rapid reef health monitoring

Designing a rapid coral reef health and impact assessment protocol for Caribbean coral reefs.

Building on experiences from around the world, this project will develop a rapid coral reef health and impact assessment protocol. The processes will be will be able to be put into action at short notice by non-experts who will conduct timely and reliable impact assessments of coral reefs after events such as hurricanes, ship groundings, coral bleaching events and chemical spills. The protocol will build reef stewardship by bringing together monitoring experts, managers and a broad range of stakeholders.

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Social Resilience

Building social resilience

Integrated decision making: linking social and ecological resilience.

This project will help coral reef managers to understand resource dependency and include social and economic considerations in reef management programs. It will give managers and decision-makers key concepts, tools and methods for designing, managing and utilising social impact and vulnerability assessments.  This knowledge will enable managers and decision-makers to be proactive in building ecological and social resilience to climate change when dealing with wider sustainable development.

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Reef Stewardship

Reef stewardship

Harnessing people power: a Caribbean program for building reef stewardship.

We will work with people involved in engagement and outreach to design a reef stewardship program framework, planning tools and resources. These will help to build public support for participation in coral reef management activities that build the resilience of reefs and local communities to climate change.

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