Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Australia’s CSIRO  will help coral reef managers to better understand resource dependency and create reef management programs that consider social and economic factors. The project will assist Caribbean stakeholders to design, manage and utilise social impact and vulnerability assessments. 

Key Collaborators:

Nadine Marshall is a senior social scientist and team leader within the Social and Economic Sciences Program at CSIRO, Ecosystem Sciences. Her research is concerned with the relationship between people and natural resources, which includes knowing how resource-dependent people are vulnerable to change, planning for social resilience and understanding adaptive capacity. She has extensive experience in working with policy makers to provide knowledge of the human dimension of natural resource systems. Much of her research also aims to better position primary industries (fisheries, tourism and agriculture) to better prepare for climate, environmental and cultural change.  Nadine leads a Social and Economic Long Term Monitoring Programme for the Great Barrier Reef.