Regional leaders, officials and scientists are under no illusion: coral reefs, and all they mean for the identity, culture and lifestyle of the Caribbean, face unprecedented challenges.  But they are also clear about what needs to be done to halt and reverse the decline in coral reef ecosystems and rebuild the basis for sustainable development to the region.

This Regional Plan of Action is a blueprint for action to improve the outlook for coral reefs in the Caribbean region by building their resilience to climate change. It has been developed using national-level summaries of issues and priorities for coral reefs, and through consultation with regional leaders, officials and experts, who together have hundreds of years of experience in tackling the issues faced by Caribbean coral reefs, 

The Coral Reef Plan of Action is a mix of short- and medium-term actions to improve the institutional capacity of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) nations under four longer term goals:

  • Improve resilience of Caribbean reefs
  • Strengthen adaptive capacity of communities
  • Build foundations for regional action
  • Strive for global action on climate change.

It identifies the priority issues that require urgent attention in order to give reef-dependent industries and communities the best chance of coping in a changing climate.  

Click here to download a PDF of the Coral Reef Plan of Action.